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Women who suffer from PCOS often have problems with insulin resistance, which is why it is very important they do try to balance the insulin with the help of a diet. Insulin is a hormone that converts glucose into energy for the body to use as fuel. This is the case in non-diabetic person, But when a woman is dealing with insulin resistance, hormone insulin is not doing its job: in usual PCOS cases blood sugars are consistently higher than they should be.

This of course has not only a negative influence on fertility and imbalance of estrogen and androgen, but on overall health. If woman understands her condition, she is on a good way to balance PCOS naturally and with good PCOS diet plan.

Everyone knows a diabetic person must be very careful of what he or she eats, and this is the case with women suffering from PCOS. Of course not all women who suffer from PCOS are considered pre-diabetic or diabetic, but those who are should pay special attention to foods women with PCOS should avoid:

- Fruit juices and soft drinks: they are packed with sugar, and most of them contain very high levels of sugar, just check the packages and you will see. In a condition where stabilizing sugar level is a must, sugar juices are a definite road to failure. Avoid them! Drink water instead or make your own: squeeze grapefruit or orange, and don't add sugar. Half glass of freshly squeezed orange juice and half glass of water, and you are good to go.

- Generally you will have to avoid anything too sugary, and if you have a sweet tooth, you will need to adopt somewhat.

- Artificial sweeteners - White bread and all white pasta: for people suffering with insulin resistance all white breads, white pasta, white rice etc. are a no-no. They are highly processes and have empty calories. During the processing they have lost all their precious nutritive value. Instead white choose black. Black is good and in this case choose wholegrain products: wholegrain bread and wholegrain pasta: they are darker (brownish) in color and contain nutrients that are good for you.

- Try to avoid anything that is processed and this way ripped of original nutritive values, including pastas, meat or any other products.

- Generally try to avoid non-organic meat: poultry is generally good, but when chicken isn't organic, it is packed with hormones that stimulate its growth. These hormones that make the chicken grow faster mess with your body and your hormones. As said, chicken in generally good for health, but try to avoid non-organic chicken (and generally avoid non-organic meat for the reasons given above).

- Try to avoid too much diary. Generally try to limit foods high in saturated and trans fats (ie. fatty red meat, whole milk dairy, butter and stick margarine, chicken skin, fried foods, and rich desserts.

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