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Almost every child develops somescalp problem at least once in life. Even though the scalp problems that occurin children are curable in the majority of cases, these problems can be quite annoyingand irritable for the child since they cause itching most of the time. The parentsshould check their children regularly so that the proper treatment should becarried out in time, if needed.

Common scalp problems in children

A scalp problem that frequentlyoccurs in children is head lice. The lice are miniature insects that infect thehead and cause uncomfortable itching since these tiny insects suck the bloodfrom the head. Once they get to the head, they multiple very fast because theylay the eggs. The most typical sign of this scalp problem is itching. The licecan be spread to other people easily and therefore, this problem should be treated instantlywith certain lice shampoos.Cradle cap is another scalp problemthat appears frequently in children. This scalp disorder usually appears innewborns and it is medically called infantile seborrheic dermatitis. It is a typeof eczema and is manifests through the outbreak of small brown and yellowpatches and crusts on the scalp. The parents should not be afraid when theynotice this kind of patches on their baby’s scalp since they do not representthe symptoms of some serious disorder and can be cured easily by applying theolive oil on the baby’s head and leaving it for a night. In the morning, thescales can be removed with a comb.Atopic dermatitis is also one of theeczema types. It causes the skin to become very itching, and the outbreak of redboils is quite common when this scalp problem is in question. Since theitching is almost unbearable, the babies are scratching all the time, thus causingthe scratching marks, which can further result in the occurrence of staphinfection affecting the scalp, but the neck as well. Even though there are certainnatural remedies for the treatment of atopic eczema, it is recommended to takethe baby to the doctor who will prescribe the proper treatment.

Other scalp disorders in childrenare dandruff and hair loss. While dandruff is cured easily by using theadequate anti-dandruff shampoos, the treatment of hair loss depends on thecausative factor, since the child can start to lose the hair due to iron deficiencyanemia or due to alopecia areata. Scalp ringworm infection is also very commonin children.

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