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Linden method has cured more than 120.000 people from the panicattacks, agoraphobia, anxiety and obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). Other thanthat, this method is proven efficient in generalized anxiety and post-traumaticstress disorder (PTSD).

Charles Linden, theinventor of this method had panic attacks himself, several times every day. After sometime, he studied various treatments and behavioral therapies and developed theLinden method.

He and his coworkers claim that this method can cure morethan 96% of all patients suffering from these kinds of psychological problems.The method doesn’t require you to use any medications. Instead, what it does isreprogram the part of your brain known as amygdala and thus prevents anxietyand panic attacks.


Amygdala is an almond shaped organ in the central nervoussystem (CNS, the brain). Any external threat for the person activates thisorgan and leads to physical reactions of the body. The reaction is usually appropriatefor the cause of the threat. People suffering from anxiety experience “overworked” amygdala.This organ sends signals even if there are no apparent reasons or threats forthe person. Their amygdala is always turned on, and the patient can’t controlit. Panic attack might be caused by a minor thing, and the patient is aware ofits insignificance but there is nothing he/she can do to stop the panic from occurring.

Patients losing control over the amygdala are always afraid,even from their own thoughts and anxiety. It causes a vicious circle ofanxiety. Once amygdala is taught that some situation (psychological condition)is a threat, the patient fears even more.

The Linden Method

Method consists of different techniques, designed to helppeople suffering from anxiety and similar disorders to overcome the fear. Amygdalaof these patients must be convinced that it is safe, and there are no threatsor dangers. The patients are thought how to create the environment to changehow amygdala reacts.

Many people need the help to overcome and cure theiranxiety, phobias, OCD or panic attacks. Linden method has proven to be successfulfor more than 10 years now. Since there is no way one man could reach so manypatients, there is a self-help book, DVD and a phone line available for them.

It is stated that this method is efficient in 96.7% of allanxiety patients, if the patient is willing to work on him/herself, learn andapply learned techniques. It doesn’t cure anyone over night and depending onthe effort you put in it the first results will be visible.

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