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Vision problems

The eyes are very important organs and they enable usto see things that surround us. They have the ability to transform the absorbedwaves of light into signals that are furthermore recognized and understood byour brain in which the image is created and this is how we can see whatis around us. The eye is a very complex organ and it consists of thepupil, cornea, iris, lens, sclera, optical nerve, and the retina. In the casewhen each part of the eye is healthy and works properly, we can see perfectly. Otherwise,if only one part of the eye malfunctions, certain vision problems occur. It is very important to go and visit a doctor ifcertain vision changes are noticed, because in this way further aggravation of the vision canbe prevented.

Symptoms of vision problems

It should be known that many diseases in the bodycan have symptoms related to the eyes. Therefore, if a vision problem occurs, itcan be only the symptom of some other medical condition and it does not have to refer to thevision problems. However, there are several major symptoms that canbe warning signs that the eyes are somehow affected and that attention should be paid to them. One of the most common and frequent symptoms ofvision problem is farsightedness, a condition when a person hasdifficulties to see the things that are very near. In such case, blurred visionoccurs when looking at near. Another frequent symptom of vision problem is nearsightedness.This condition is also known under the name myopia and is characterized by theability to perfectly see the close objects, while the blurred vision occurswhen looking at distant things.

There are people who suffer from color blindness and theyare either unable to distinct the shades of a color, or the intensity of some color. This condition is more frequent in men than in women. Astigmatism is a medical term for one of thesymptoms of vision problems. This condition is marked by the blurred vision atany distance. Furthermore, there are people who have troubledistinguishing objects in the dark because they suffer from night blindness. The people who have cataracts usually experienceweaker vision at night, hazy vision in normal light, overlapping images and seeingcolors as faded, although they are not actually. Cataract is also marked bypainful eye inflammation. One of the symptoms of eye problems is glaucoma and it isfeatured by weak vision at night, vision loss or blind spots.

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