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The very position of the human eye makes this organ susceptible to various injuries. Firstly, even though the eyelids may prevent most foreign particles from entering the eye, this protective mechanism is not efficient all the time. Harmful dust and foreign material may eventually come in contact with the surface of the eye, cause irritation and sometimes even injury to the eye.

Accidental injuries to the eye are frequently reported. They are common in children who play with many sharp and pointed objects such as sticks which can easily cause eye injury. Also, eye injuries affect some sportsmen and may also occur in car accidents. All the mentioned drives to conclusion that the human eye may be injured in lots of ways. The damage is either reversible or irreversible and may be also accompanied by infections.

Eye Injuries Caused by Foreign Bodies

All eye injuries must be reported. It is essential to take patient's history, perform an eye exam and determine the amount of damage and to check the extent of vision loss as well as the presence of potential infections.

The most commonly reported eye injury is the one caused by foreign bodies. Such injury may be caused by different particles ranging in size. The origin of foreign body also differs. These injuries are associated with pain of various intensity, excessive tearing, photophobia etc. If the injury is caused by a large foreign body, certain parts of the eye may be severely damaged. This particularly refers to the cornea. Even though the presence of foreign body in the eye may cause itchy sensation patients are due to avoid scratching because it may cause even more damage to the injured eye.

Chemical Eye Injuries

There are many chemical that can accidentally enter the eye and cause irreversible damage to the organ. Various acids and alkaline solutions people manipulate with can enter the eye and cause severe burns. Such injuries represent medical emergencies and require prompt treatment. Depending on the damage a person may end up blind.

Blunt Eye Injuries

Blunt eye injuries are not as severe as chemical injuries. They are associated with bruising of the eyelids and nearby skin, sometimes subconjunctival hemorrhage and only in extreme cases the eye may be severely damaged.Eye Injuries and Infections

Eye injury is a risk factor to secondary infections. Once the eye's integrity is lost, infective agents may easily enter the eye and start to multiply. This is the reason why most patients who have had an eye injury are prescribed antibiotics prophylactically. Unfortunately, the infection may not respond well to medications due to damage and the organ can be lost for good. This particularly occurs in case of chemical eye injuries.

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