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Revealing the Truth

Sometimes, there is so much information you just don’t know how to evaluate it and differentiate the truth and hear-says.


It is believed that, if you are carrying a male baby, your abdomen is positioned higher than it would be if you carried a girl. Well, it’s simply a hoax. Furthermore, you can’t tell if it is a boy or a girl with the wedding ring, or that morning sickness indicates you carry a girl.


Eating low fat food will make you lose weight. No, not necessarily. Some low fat food may be high in calories, such as all processed food. To lose some weight, you must undergo a low calorie diet and exercise. Eat food low in fat and high in fibers, and plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables.

TV and Eyesight

Yes, sitting in front of the TV screen really close, closer than 1.5m can affect your eyes. It won’t ruin your eyes, but may cause eye tiredness.

The Use of Herbs

Herbs are NOT always safe to use. There are many examples that suggest differently: kava plant is potentially toxic for the liver, ginkgo may cause headaches, and many people could be allergic to some of the herbs.

Aspirin Prevents Stroke

Aspirin is recommended for people that already had stroke or heart attack, because it minimizes the risk of another heart attack. The benefit of prevention of heart attack using ASA in other people is still discussed and studied.

Once a Cesarean Section, Always the Cesarean Section

Not always true. About 50 to 80% of women that had a cesarean section may give birth to the other child (children) vaginally.

Heart Attack

Heart attack is not always presented with the same symptoms, and it doesn’t have to be associated with the pain. Men experience pain in the chest, sweating and breathing problems, and women are usually just nauseous and feel discomfort in the chest.

Epidemic of Breast Cancer in Young Women

No, it isn’t true. Much more breast cancer patients are women over 40 years of age.

Vegetarian Diet

Vegetarians don’t eat meat and other animal products, but proteins are present in soy products, kidney beans, nuts and whole grains, too. Being a vegetarian won’t make you lose some weight, and there are overweight people among vegetarians too.

Exercising and Water

The studies revealed that the safe dose is 500ml of fluids during one hour of exercise. Too much fluid can cause a serious problem known as water intoxication.

Fresh vs. Frozen

Well, it’s the same. Fresh or frozen, fruits and vegetables contain the same amount of vitamins.

Asthma in Children

Physical activity may cause an asthma attack, but some exercise may improve the condition of the lungs. Therefore, children are advised to get physically active, but avoid the intense activities.

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