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Many people who are obese and lead an unhealthy lifestyle are prone to diabetes. If a person is diagnosed with diabetes, it is important to see a doctor immediately that will recommend an exercise program to begin.

The doctor will let the patient know how to control the diabetes and if there are any possible complications.


Exercise, simply put, burns calories and will help people to both lose weight and then maintain a healthy weight in the long run.

It can also help the person control the body’s response to insulin and manage the blood sugar level. Exercise can also the blood sugar level and even eliminate the need for medications that are used to regulate such problems for diabetics.

It will also help to control cholesterol and blood pressure levels, which can lead to strokes and heart attacks.

Exercise will also reduce stress and the risk of heart disease.

It is important not to rush with exercise and to start slowly with activities that are low-impact such as walking, swimming and biking.

With time a person will gain endurance and then they can try to move on to more difficult training.

It is always important to wear an ID tag that shoes that the person has diabetes, because if there is a problem, then the person who is treating the patient will know what to be careful with and what the cause of the problem could have been.

Lifting heavy weights can cause a sudden increase in blood pressure, so that type of exercise needs to be avoided.

If a person is having foot problem, then they should consider alternatives to walking or running, such as swimming and biking, and it is important to always wear socks.

Stretching is also a very important aspect of exercise and it should be done for ten minutes before and after the workout.

There are foods that are better for people with diabetes than others, obviously. If a person plans to exercise more than an hour after eating, then it is a good idea to have snack before.

Six ounces of fruit juice and half a plain bagel is a good snack that is loaded with carbohydrates and will a person energy to finish their work out.

If the exercise will be very high impact, then it is best to eat a little more, perhaps half a meat sandwich and a glass of milk will do the trick.

If the person uses insulin, it is important to exercise after eating, not before and to test the blood sugar level during and after the exercise program.

If the person is not using insulin, then they can just test the blood sugar before and after and take their regular medications for diabetes.

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