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Erectile dysfunction is a rather common medical condition as it affects a large number of men everywhere around the world. Even though it affects a large number of people, in most cases it is the source of much frustration. This is why most men who suffer from it desperately try all different treatment methods available in order to retain their normal erection.

Treatment methods

There are various different types of lifestyle changes which need to take place if one wants to get rid of the annoying erectile dysfunction. Most cases of impotence are commonly triggered by blocked arteries and reduced blood flow to the penis. Lifestyle changes which need to take place are very similar to those who need to be embraced by people who are at risk of getting heart disease.

The most important part of those lifestyle changes is a well balanced and healthy diet which needs to include plenty of fiber, whole grains, fresh vegetables and fresh fruits. It is very important to steer clear of sodium and saturated fats as much as possible. All diets which otherwise benefit the health of the heart are highly recommended.

There are also certain types of food items which are known for being very efficient in enhancing the sexual drive and those include anchovies, olives, oysters, scallops, lard, licorice, chocolate and chilies.

Another important aspect of lifestyle changes is a regular exercise program. Regular physical exercises are very efficient in providing strength and balance and also in boosting the levels of testosterone. It is highly recommended to avoid all different types of tobacco products and alcoholic beverages.

It is very important to try and stay sexually active as much as possible. This is so mainly due to the fact that frequent erections tend to stimulate the blood flow to the penis. One should know that the firmest erections always occur during deep sleep, right before a person wakes up. There are not that many people who are aware of the fact that the male hormones are highest during the autumn so that is the time when men are usually at the peak of their sexual activity.

Kegel exercises may also be helpful for those who suffer from erectile dysfunction. These exercises involve tightening and releasing the pelvic muscle. This muscle is known for controlling the urination. One should know that there are also certain types of medications which can be held responsible for impotence. Psychotherapy and behavioral therapy may also be helpful in some cases or erectile dysfunction.ntered therapy, only one actually achieved satisfactory sex

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