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Endometriosis diet recipes

Endometriosis is a medical disease that affects women. This disease belongs to the class of gynecological medical condition and it is characterized in growth of the cells from the lining of the uterus to the outside of the uterine cavity. In most cases, endometriosis affects the ovaries, and it typically affects women in their reproductive years.

The problem with this disease is that it usually appears together with infertility, leading the scientists to the conclusion that endometriotic lesions release factors which are detrimental to embryos. Moreover, endometriosis is characterized by severe pelvic pain that can often be disabling and radiate to the other parts of the body: rectum, lower back or even legs.

Unfortunately there is no known cure for endometriosis, but this disease can be managed and controlled using many different treatment approaches. Diet is just one of them.

Diet and endometriosis

Among many theories about the nature of endometriosis and its potential for treatment, one of the theories suggests it is an autoimmune-condition that occurs when the immune system is compromised with food intolerance. Well-balanced and adjusted diet can therefore make all the difference for the individuals.

It is suggested that removing certain foods from the diet may lead to dramatic improvement in patient’s condition. For example, people may be advised to remove meat, wheat, sugar or dairy products from their meals, as well as to avoid foods high in hormones and inflammatory fats.

According to some studies, diet that is high in fat and low in fruit and β-carotene leads to lower risk of this condition. However, this isn’t something that is otherwise considered a healthy diet. People are advised to eat gluten free diets, and ban dairy products, sugar, caffeine, alcohol, red meat and soy from the diet.

On the other hand, they are encouraged to eat chicken, fish and turkey meat with a lot of vegetables.

Endometriosis juice recipe

Here is a great recipe for a refreshing juice that restores the immune dysfunction and brings the hormones back to their optimum levels. One needs just about 5 minutes to make one large glass of this juice. The juice is prepared by blending one large carrot, ½ cup wheat grass, 1 slice of fresh ginger, ½ cup coriander leaves, a slice of pineapple, an orange, 2 spinach leaves and a cup of parsley. It is recommended to obtain organically grown ingredients and to consume this juice fresh, two or three times a day.

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