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Empty Nest

This name is associated with the condition that affects mother when one of her children, or more, leaves home. This psychological condition usually appears at the time when a child has to leave the home because of the college. The feeling of loss and sadness is what these women experience. This problem can also present itself when mother develops a feeling that her child does not need her day-to-day care, or when a child gets marries and leaves home.

Reactions considered normal and reactions not considered normal

When a child leaves home, it is very normal for a mother to feel sad, to go into the room from time to time and shed a little tear. In one case, sniffing a T-shirt was needed in order to calm herself down. These are very natural feeling and very normal. Do not be ashamed of missing your child.

The most common symptoms of the empty nest syndrome are feeling of sadness that prevents you from going to work or socializing, excessive crying and feeling that life has ended. These are very serious depression symptoms and visit to the doctor is needed if one of the symptoms is present.


In the time of change, many other problems can affect a woman. Menopause can be present or the parent will need more attention and become very dependent on it. Try to seek help in these situations. The feelings caused by children leaving home can be increased due to menopause. This is something you should report to your GP.

Joining a organization called Amarant Trust, which is attended by the woman with menopause troubles, might be a good idea. When the child leaves, mother will establish a communication, but it is important never to be excessive, since this is a big and important step the child is making. We recommend calling no more than two times during the week and sending e-mails. They are practical, since the child can write what it wants and not be joked around by colleges if he or she says to the mother “I miss you". Also, never be pleased if a child is unhappy at the new location and never suggest moving back in, because this feeling of unhappiness is only temporary.

Easing the Problem

When this situation occurs, you can turn to your friends and yourself. Have a scented bath and feel relaxed. You can also send a funny snippet of happenings at home, have a good natter once a week, and buy credit for the child's mobile phone. Self-esteem is something that needs to be reappraised. If you have labeled yourself as a mom, it is time for a change. As, we have said, turn to yourself, plan your life and get back in touch with yourself. Some say that, when the child leaves, it signifies that romance between the parents is over. This sometimes happens, but also, sometimes the parents rediscover their love since, they now have time for themselves.

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