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The focus of this text will be empty chair technique, which is associated with a counselor, which analyzes the interpersonal behavior of a patient involved in a self-dialogue. Fritz and Laura have developed a therapy called gestalt therapy, which is a form of psychoanalysis and it can analyze the client's personal responsibility. This therapy was developed in the 1940s, when there was another man involved in the creation of this therapy, and his name is Paul Goodman. This therapy focuses on the awareness and knowing and contact in the now and here. After the therapy, a patient should come to some conclusions about himself. There are several ways in which this can be done by the people who practice this therapy. The empty chair technique is one of them, and it has another name, which is chair work.


The pattern that can be detected from a background is the actually meaning of the term gestalt. This therapy involves the use of the client's abilities to communicate and they are evoked by several methods. Counselor will detect the patient's language, his/hers body language, chosen words, reactions and thing he or she says. Mindfulness is the main characteristic of this therapy and client needs to be aware of the surroundings and his conscience, and this will help the client to find his relation to others and himself. Also, the therapist will give his observations and comments and say when the contact has failed. There will have to be a great concentration of the therapist who will not interrupt the process and pay extra attention to the process in order to analyze it.

Empty Chair Technique

This gestalt technique will help the client to find a way to overcome the difficulties of life by making him or her aware of the feeling they have. This technique asks the client to imagine a person who is sitting on an empty chair and with this person, the client needs to have friendly, parental or sexual connection and emotional issue of some sort. The patient will have to talk about the conflict and the subject of it. There are many things that are analyzed by the therapist and they are non-verbal behavior and verbal behavior relation, exaggerated clarification gestures, repeated statements of significance and other. This will help the therapist to find the cause of the emotional issue and this will make way for explaining the client how this issue can be overcame. The therapist will teach the client to lead a better life by making them face the life and making them aware of how they do and what they do in their life. At the end, the client will learn to value and accept who he or she is. This therapy is done on clients who are angry at someone, feel left out, lonely, submissive and intrapersonal in general. This therapy is based on the client’s ability to self-heal and to see how he or she can help herself/himself. This is a therapy popularly done on school children and it is very successful.

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