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A Fact or Two about Inhalants

We all know inhalant abuse is very bad for your health, however, many still continue to do it, for the purpose of getting intoxicated for several minutes or several hours, depending on the dosage. However, the damage which can be done by this action can be quite debilitating and devastating, to say the least. The toxins and other chemicals located in the commonly abused inhalants, may cause brain damage, heart and lung failure or even death, and these are just some of the worst case scenarios. There are countless signs of organism deterioration before these strike. Thus, as soon as you start abusing inhalants, you are engaging on a downward spiral, each step leading to cessation of your life.

How Do Inhalants Affect an Individual?

Inhaling the above mentioned toxins can lead to death of one's brain cells, as well as to the cessation of numerous brain functions. Countless sensory and psychological disorders are bound to take place and possibly leave permanent marks on your health. Due to the damage done to your cerebral cortex, you might have your personality changed, your memory impaired and experience hallucinations as well as troubles while learning new things. Also your balance and speech centers are affected by inhalants.

As far as your blood is concerned, changes happen there as well, since its ability to transfer oxygen is seriously jeopardized due to the exposure to the harmful inhalants. Furthermore, lung, heart, liver, kidney and muscle damage can all take place due to this unhealthy and deadly activity. Moreover, your heart may change its rhythm and you might experience a sudden death due to this factor.

If you thought this is all, it is not, since benzene, found in many abused inhalants, is known to cause bone marrow damage, possibly leading to the development of leukemia. As for your nerves and muscles, the damage caused by inhalants may make you feel numb, paralyzed or feeling tingling sensations around your body. Additionally, you might end up deaf.

All in all, inhalants are deadly. Addictive people, who are searching for something to get “high” on, often decide to turn to their household products, being easily obtainable and legally safer. Thus, these people abuse fumes and vapors from paints, glues, hair sprays, air fresheners and many other sources, making themselves lose grip on their reality, paying a high price for their actions, possibly never coming back from this intoxicated state.

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