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Introduction to cold sores

We are all very familiar with cold sores, because they occur very regularly in many people and can be very annoying.

The first symptom of a cold sore is a tingling feeling that begins around the mouth area. Before you know it, you have a blister right around the area where you started to feel the tingling.

This blister will then burst sooner or later and it will take at least 10 days for the symptoms to completely retreat.

However, there are some effective remedies that will enable you to get rid of these cold sores much faster and more effectively.


It has been proven that one of the main causes of cold sores is stress, therefore, it is very important to reduce stress in order to decrease the number of cold sore outbreaks that will occur.

Regular exercise will help greatly in relieving stress, and fitness of the body will also entail a boost in your immune system.

One of the best ways to get regular exercise without having to sign up to a gym is to walk every day for at least a half hour.

Yoga is another excellent method for relieving stress through physical activities.

There are other forms of therapy that are easy and effective. Aromatherapy is one. It can speed up the healing process and make the entire process a lot less unbearable. Essential oils such as rose, tea tree and lemon balm are excellent for aromatherapy purposes.

Food therapy is another possible solution.

There are certain foods that both trigger cold sores and help prevent them. While nuts, chocolate and gelatin can trigger cold sores, foods like yogurt have essential amino acids that can prevent them.

Another good form of therapy is herbal therapy and it is used to treat all types of lesions. An ointment made of lemon balm can be used against cold sores. Also, leaves that have anti-viral properties can also be used.

Ice is a simple and effective home remedy for cold sores. As soon as one starts feeling the tingling sensation around the mouth, it is important to apply ice to that region right away and keep it on for at least a good half hour.

The ice will stop the virus from replicating and this will make the attack of the cold sore, in most cases, much less severe. However, it will only be effective if you apply the ice as soon as you feel the cold sore coming on – this is of essential importance.

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