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Diabetes is one of the diseases that is commonly associated with erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction or ED is a problem regarding difficulties achieving and maintaining an erection firm enough for sex. It may have many causes, psychological or physiological, and diabetes is often one of them.

In fact, it is estimated that between 35% and 75% percent of all men with diabetes have some degree of erection problems, temporary or prolonged.

Men with diabetes are at risk of having erectile dysfunction at much earlier age than those who do not suffer from this disease. As they age, men with diabetes are more likely to experience difficulties regarding erection and by the time they are 70 years old, there is a 95% chance of having erectile dysfunction.

In order to preserve normal erectile function, it is necessary for all men to have healthy nerves, muscles and blood vessels. In diabetes, a lot of changes occur in the body and many problems arise, some of them affecting those functions that are necessary for erection.

Erectile dysfunction among men with diabetes may be associated with other factors as well. Obesity, unhealthy diet, inactive or sedentary lifestyle, unhealthy habits such as smoking and alcoholism are issues that tend to aggravate the problem or increase the chance of having erectile dysfunction in the future.

Diabetes is a major indicator in diagnosing erectile dysfunction. In fact, tests and exams for diabetes are often performed in men who are otherwise healthy and seek medical help for erection problems. If diabetes is ruled out, other factors, such as medications, other medical conditions and emotional or psychological factors are examined as possible causes of erectile dysfunction.

Solutions for erectile dysfunction in diabetics

One of the most commonly used solutions for erectile dysfunction in men with diabetes are oral medications. Drugs like Levitra, Viagra and Cialis are the most popular ones. However, since these medications affect many body functions, such as the heart rate, it is absolutely necessary to consult a doctor before taking them.

Other solutions for erection problems in diabetics include intracavernous injections, vacuum constriction devices, sex therapy and intraurethral therapy.

Even though in men with diabetes the disease is the main cause of erectile dysfunction, it is still recommended to consider psychotherapy. This type of therapy can be very helpful in coping with the problem and its implications on emotional and sexual life and in learning different ways to overcome it, at least on the psychological level.

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