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Introduction to raw meat

Believe it or not, some researchers believe that there are benefits people can take away from eating raw meat.

Many people have discussed the negative aspects of eating raw meat, but there are supports of the so-called “raw meat diet” so said that ancient people would very commonly consume raw meat and that they would not suffer any ill effects from doing so.

These people claim that since our ancestors were able to do it, our bodies have adapted in order to be able to consume raw meat.

There are many celebrities that have jumped on the raw meat diet bandwagon as well, such as Uma Thurman and Demi Moore, who swear by its health benefits.

Raw meat diet

The common feeling on eating raw meat is that most people consider it to be primitive, unhealthy and potentially dangerous to the health.

However, there are people who say the exact opposite. Many believe that the best way to eat meat is raw and that by cooking the meat, the person is destroying all of the nutrients that come with the meat in its raw form.

These people will also include raw eggs in their diet, as well as raw dairy products, which they find very beneficial for the health, nutritious and good for digestion.

The people who follow this diet believe that when a person cooks meet above the temperature of 104 ºF all of the nutritional value of the meat is lost.

People who follow this diet tend to eat uncooked and unprocessed meat, raw eggs, raw dairy, aged meat and fish, organ meats and aged raw animal food.

Also, the meat that is eaten in this diet is all free-range and grass-fed.


According to studies, some benefits of eating raw meat have been discovered.

The studies show that the body digests only raw food completely, and that cooking can produce toxins that cause various side effects.

People have found that their health improves with eating raw meat and that some of their disease have been reverse.

Also, research has shown that people who have diarrhea or vomit a lot are usually the ones that eat cooked meat, not raw.

Many believe that microbes and pathogens come from the environment, not from the meat, which is the only reason they believe that some people who try raw meat suffer from food poisoning.

They also believe that eating free-range meat will decrease the chances of E.coli and salmonella related problems.

It is also said that E.coli is minimal in grass-fed meats.

People on the diet, however, stress that the meat must be purchased under the highest and most hygienic circumstances in order to retain the maximum amounts of vitamins, minerals and Omega-3 fatty acids while not containing any bacteria.

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