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Binge eating is an eating disorder in which the person consumes way too much food in spite of not being actually hungry. The disorder can turn into a serious problem in case it becomes regular. Many people suffering from binge eating disorder feel embarrassed but they are simply unable to stop eating. The desire to eat simply cannot be controlled.

It is essential to make a difference between binge eating and bulimia. In bulimia the person does eat excessively but he/ she then purges and tries to eliminate food with the assistance of laxatives. In binge eating the person simple eats too much and does not try to eliminate the taken food. People suffering from binge eating disorder find comfort in food and the food actually represents the solution to their problems or unbalanced emotional states.

Binge Eating at Night

Binge eating at night typically features with certain behavioral patterns. Namely, the person consumes large amounts of food at night. There is no real hunger but only a need to reduce or eliminate stress and anxiety. The night is a perfect time for binge eaters since they cannot be caught in overeating. The person eats even though there is no actually hunger and continues eating even though he/ she feels full.Complications Associated with Binge Eating at Night

Binge eating in general (including binge eating at night) is associated with several side effects and complications. For example, people suffering from this eating disorder are obese, they are prone to diabetes and high blood pressure. Furthermore, these patients commonly suffer from increased cholesterol levels and increased level of triglycerides. Such patients are also at a higher risk for heart conditions, cancer and gall bladder disease. They may also develop psychological problems such as low self esteem, loss of confidence and may have troubles sleeping.

How to Deal with Binge Eating at Night

Binge eating (no matter if it occurs at night or during day) requires proper treatment. The first thing for a patient to do is to realize he/ she has got a problem. These people require support from family and friends. Family members may control the person and prevent his/ her unhealthy habits. Apart from family support and help from friends a person must realize what drives him/her to eat without control. Sometimes a consultation with a psychologist may be of great help in identifying the actual cause of binge eating.

Even though the treatment may take some time patients do overcome the disorder successfully.

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