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Diabetes is a disease of the endocrine system, affecting production of insulin in the body. Most of children affected by this disease suffer from type 1 diabetes. However, recent studies have showed an increasing number of kids who developed type 2 diabetes, caused by extreme overweight or obesity.

Diabetes type 1 is caused by the problem with the immune system, which completely destroys beta cells of the pancreas. These cells are normally responsible for production of insulin and if there are no beta cells in the pancreas, the body does not have insulin. Without insulin, there is enormous increase in blood glucose, while at the same time the body cannot use that blood sugar as energy fuel.

Parental Advice

Parents must watch their child closely at all times and be ready to react if there are some health problems. Many people still think that only adults can develop diabetes. Nevertheless, this is not true and kids are also prone to this medical condition.

Some of the symptoms of diabetes may be easily mistaken for signs and symptoms of other childhood diseases and conditions. This can happen because many of diabetes symptoms are very subtle. Some parents may not be informed about childhood diabetes and thus neglect these symptoms, never suspecting this disease. So, be prepared just in case and try not to overlook any changes that happen in your kids’ behavior. As any other disease, diabetes is also treated with best results if caught in early stages.How to Recognize Diabetes Symptoms in Kids?

Children suffering from diabetes will usually have symptoms similar to adults’, such as excessive thirst and frequent urination. Most kids are very thirsty in warm weather, but not many diabetes patients are usually thirsty at all times. In some cases, parents of children with diabetes may also notice sudden vision problems. These may have something to do with too much time spent watching television or computer screen but can also represent a symptom of diabetes.

Increased appetite or sudden weight loss may also accompany diabetes in kids and you should always watch for these signs. Sometimes, children may have breathing difficulties or sweet smelling breath. Both of these may mean something else, for instance respiratory problems or something the child has eaten, but they can also point to childhood diabetes.

In small number of cases, patients may experience stupor and unconsciousness as a result of diabetes, if the level of blood sugar has become extremely high.

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