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For some reason, sperm banks are never far removed from controversy and dubious news stories. Today, I came across one that I did not want to withhold from you a Dutch neo-nazi who was "concerned about the high birth rate among Muslims" wanted to donate as much of his semen as possible. "I want as many blond blue-eyes children as possible to be born," Patrick de Bruin stated. He sent letters to all major Dutch sperm banks, some of which saw no problem with his requests to only allow white couples to use vials of his sperm.

On the up side, most of the Dutch clinics refused his request, but two accepted this apparently deluded young man's demands, and added him to their databases. One of the sperm banks that did grant the man's request offered space for donors to list "restrictions" on their application forms. The other bank apologized for failing to catch the racist in their selection process, and destroyed his sperm.

This story, which was "reported" in the British Daily Mail, not really a reputable source, does raise questions for everyone considering using a sperm bank. It should remind us that the anonymous sperm donors could be psychopaths, racists, or have other qualities that don't only not make them "ideal father material" but also make them unfit to be sperm donors. Perhaps there is something to be said for using a known donor? You do get to participate in the selection process and weed out the bad seeds a bit more effectively!

On the other hand, perhaps sperm donors should have a say in whom they want to donate to? It's their sperm, after all. A study that was published a few months back ("My daddy's name is donor") showed that many children of single mothers by choice conceived with donor sperm went on to become donors themselves. What if they would like to donate to other single mothers by choice? What are your opinions? Should sperm donors get to pick and choose with whom they share their genetic material under any circumstances?

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