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Skin rashes on legs

When our skin is inflamed, it is usually manifested through some kind of a rash. Rash can appear everywhere on the skin but in most cases, it affects the facial skin, although it can also appear on the legs. The rash on the legs is usually very itchy and therefore, it is extremely uncomfortable for the people with this skin disorder. When the skin rash does not go away on its own, then the specialized dermatologist should be consulted for a proper treatment.

The rash that appears on legs is usually characterized by tiny red bumps and the skin is dry and cracked. Furthermore, a feeling of burning of the affected area, as well as a slight increase in the temperature of the infected skin, is also experienced when skin rash on legs is in question.

Types of skin rashes on legs

Skin rash can be of various types and each type is caused by different factor and has its own symptoms and methods of treatment.

  • When the filaggrin gene is mutated, atopic dermatitis occurs. This type of skin rash may also appear due to some microbiological infections and some kind of skin cells defection. While the most common places where it appears are the ankles and feet in children, in adult population, atopic dermatitis commonly appears behind the knees.
  • Panniculitis is the medical term for the skin rash when the fatty layer beneath the skin is inflamed. This type of skin rash mainly affects children and is usually caused by trauma to the skin and cold temperatures. Furthermore, when the legs are exposed to morphine and corticosteroids, as well as to the vitamin K, panniculitis may appear.
  • Discoid eczema occurs due to burns, insect bites and surgical wounds, and is manifested through oval or round plaques that are not itchy. Even though it first appears only on one leg, it tends to spread on both legs and then to expand further up to the arms and abdomen.
  • When the capillaries under the skin are inflamed, capillaritis occurs in the form of brownish spots.
  • Furthermore, varicose eczema is a type of skin rash that appears in people who suffer from varicose veins. Flaky and patchy skin in the ankle area is usually the main sign of this skin rash.
  • When the skin is exposed to topical antibiotics and bathing soaps for a long period of type, a skin rash called contact dermatitis may appear.

Other more serious skin rashes on legs are psoriasis and prurigo nodularis.

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