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Colon cancer is the second leading cause of cancer-related deaths is the USA and because of this, it is very important not the ignore symptoms that may indicate it. Even though, you may sometimes have symptoms of colon cancer, it does not necessarily mean that you have colon cancer because there are many other conditions that can manifest through these symptoms. But, it usually means that you should visit a doctor so that he can determine what it is all about. Symptoms that may give a hint of a colon cancer are bloody stool, loose stool, and many other problems with bowels.

Colon Cancer Cause

The actual cause for colon cancer development is not known yet. It is believed that a cause has some kind of a connection with a low fiber diet. The researchers are also united in a belief that people who eat a lot food containing red meat and high calories are predetermined more than the others. Some people who have issues with bowels may have a bowel movement once a month. People who experience that kind of problem can even imagine how much decomposition can develop in their bowels. This issue usually advances into serious condition diverticulitis, which, together with colon cancer is related to low fiber diet. As these two conditions can have similar symptoms, it would be best to get tested if you have difficulty in emptying your bowels.

Best Way to Clean Colon

In order to avoid colon cancer, one has to clean his/her bowels on a regular basis. If his metabolism does not regulate that, then there are some ways that can help you promote your bowel cleansing. You can have a healthy diet that consists of a diet rich in fiber and vegetables, although grain and fruit can provide you that. Also, it would be good to eat a lot of green leaf vegetables in their raw state, because in that way, their enzymes are persevered. The basic reason why fiber is good for our colon is that it cannot be digested, because of which it cleans our bowels and our colon. After several days of consuming food that is rich in fiber, one can notice how loose stool is. There are also some products that can be bought on the market that can promote colon cleansing, but they are not advised for constant use, because your bowels and colon may become addictive to them and therefore, become lazy. They should be used only once or twice in a one year time.

Other Suggestions on Colon Health

Prevention is the best treatment, but if you experience some of the signs, you must visit your doctor. People, who are in their fifties, should have a colonoscopy. People with family history of a colon cancer should monitor his/her colon and visit doctor regularly, because they are more liable to colon cancer than others. Another good advice is to avoid smoking and to exercise in order to stimulate bowel movements.

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