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Colon cancer is a one of the most common malignant diseases among the population of the developed world and one of the main causes of death with a disturbing trend of increasing frequency. It can affect the lower part of the digestive system and can occur in the part of the colon, which is located along the small intestine; the main part of the large intestine (colon) or the lower part of the colon that leads to rectum. The current findings indicate that in the occurrence of this disease, in addition to genetic predisposition environmental factors, lifestyle and dietary habits of individuals play an important role.

Colon cancer usually begins as a polyp in the mucosa, which develops by showing almost no symptoms in the beginning of its growth. That is because colon cancer is usually discovered only in later stages. However, there may be the signals to which should pay particular attention.

Rectal bleeding is the most common early signal of colon cancer in women. Even though rectal bleeding may be due to many diseases, on this signal should pay particular attention. In case of colon cancer in the rectal bleeding, blood is also found in the stool, but blood in the stool may also be due to other diseases.

Another early symptom that needs to take in consideration is changes in bowel movements. This includes symptom of appearing constipation and diarrhea episodes as well as changes in appearance and consistency of stool that becomes thinner than usual. These symptoms can also be a sign of some other diseases so it doesn’t automatically mean that colon cancer is about. However, if these symptoms are present longer than two weeks there is a possibility that it is.

Colon cancer can cause certain digestion disorders. Some women go through sudden attacks of nausea and vomiting. Also, false calls to discharge, gas and bloating appear. Blocking created by tumor in the large intestine can cause cramps which usually occur during the discharge.

Unexplained weight loss may indicate any type of cancer, because how cancer progresses, he needs more calories to develop, which causes loss of weight despite no change in diet.

A woman who suffers from colon cancer usually feels tired and exhausted due to increased burning of calories by the growing tumor. However, fatigue could be due to rectal bleeding, if it exists. Prolonged rectal bleeding can lead to anemia which main symptom is fatigue.

If colon cancer is detected earlier, his treatment will be effective. Therefore, it is necessary to hear the body signals and if there are any of mentioned symptoms a physician should be contacted. Mainly, colon cancer occurs in people older than 50, although it is not impossible that it can develop in younger population. Therefore, coming to a certain year it is recommended to do colon screening.

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