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Dong quai is a perennial aromatic herb commonly grown in the mountain regions of China, Japan and Korea. It produces white flowers that blooms in cluster that resembles small umbrellas. Its thick-branched roots have many medicinal uses. Traditional Chinese medicine uses it to treat fatigue, high blood pressure, anemia and various gynecologicalconditions.

Dong quai is abundant in various active constituents. It contains volatile oils which are very rich in nicotinic, ferulic and succinct acid. The root of dong quai is very rich in folic and ascorbic acid, calcium, arytenoids, biotin, magnesium and vitamins E, A, and B12. The plant is loaded with a large number of photochemical such as flavonoids. It commonly gets combined with other herbs for the treatment of various menstrual complications and uterine bleeding. It has been used for thousands of years for helping the regulation of menstrual cycle and relief of menstrual pain. Dong quai can also be used for the improvement of coronary circulation, and the heart rate improves the blood pressure. It can also control arrhythmia, decrease high levels of blood pressure and relieve problems associated with peripheral circulation.

Dong quai promotes uterine health, and when combined with chaste berry it restores the proper balance of hormones and relieves the menstrual cramping, regulates infrequent menstrual periods and lessens the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome. Dong quai increases vaginal secretions and nourishes the vaginal tissue by promoting the synthesis of natural progesterone. When combined with certain types of herbal remedies it can control hot flashes and reduces vaginal dryness very efficiently. It has muscle relaxing properties which quiet the spasms in the internal organs.

Dong quai strengthens ventricular contractility, and increases the peripheral and coronary blood flow, reduces the blood pressure and arterial hyperlipidemia, prevents experimental atherosclerosis and slows down the blood rate. It opens up the blood vessels, controls spasms and stimulates the central nervous system. Dong quai increases the blood flow to the uterus and acts as a tonic on all female reproductiveorgans. It’s also very efficient in normalizing irregular uterine contractions and increasing the rate of uterine tissue multiplication.

Dong quai has very important analgesic, laxative, anti-inflammatory, diuretic, antispasmodic and antibacterial properties. It can relieve emotional stress and irritability, treat anemia as a liver tonic, normalize digestion and relieve migraineheadaches.

Dong quai is generally safe to use, but it is not recommended for pregnant and breast-feeding women. People who have cancer should avoid it, as well.

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