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With a lot of natural ways andremedies that help the maintenance of a normal blood pressure level nowadays,it is good to at least try to lead a healthier lifestyle before going to thedoctor’s. Meaning, introducing a healthy routine of exercising and feedingoneself properly, could only have a beneficial effect.

So, this text is about findingthe best cure for lowering the high blood pressure, medically calledhypertension, having in mind the positive and the negative effect of each ofthem. Those drugs are called cardiovascular medications, and can be onlyprescribed by a doctor. Of course, the patient mustn’t change the adviseddosage by him or herself.

The ACE (Angiotensin-ConvertingEnzyme) Inhibitors are one of the most commonly prescribed medications. Theyactually make the blood vessels wider, so that the heart could pump the bloodwithout the obstacle such as the tightness of the capillaries and veins. Themost popular ACE Inhibitors are, for example: Quinapril, Benazepril,Fosinopril, Caporal, Moexipril, etc. It is important to emphasize that thecontraindication of all the medications which are in this group, is pregnancy.Also, if a female patient only intends to become pregnant, she mustn’t usethese medications.

The related group of medicationsis the Angiotensin-2 (AT-2) Receptor Antagonists. They are designed to getfocused on the same problem as the previously mentioned medications, but with aslight difference; instead of lowering the amount of angiotensin II, certainreceptor inhibitors don’t allow this substance to damage the circulatorysystem. Of course, they shouldn’t be consumed when being or just planning tostay pregnant. Some of the best known AT-2 Receptor Antagonists are thefollowing: Losartan, Candesartan, Telmisartan, Eprosartan, etc.

Maybe the most commonlyprescribed medications for the condition of the high blood pressure are thediuretics. Their usage is very usual, also because they can be combined withthe other groups of drugs. The most effective and beneficial combinations ofthe diuretics are with the ACE Inhibitors and with the Angiotensin II ReceptorAntagonists.

The function of the diureticsalone is rather simple; they make the organism to throw out the excessivesodium and liquids during the process of urination, in order to make the bloodpressure lower. The most popular diuretics in the pharmaceutical industry are Chlorthalidone,Amiloride, Hydrochlorothiazide, Bumetanide, and so on…

Besides these combinations, veryeffective are those of the Calcium Channel Blockers and the ACE Inhibitors, andof Beta ad Alpha blockers. The Calcium Channel Blockers, as their name says, prevent the flow of thecalcium towards the heart, and the Beta blockers calm down the heartbeats.

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