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Hyaluronic acid(hyaluronate, hyaluron) is naturally occurring substance in human body. Our connectivetissue and cartilage contain hyaluronic acid, and it is of great importance forthe supports of all cells in the body. This acid is also necessary for numerousessential functions, such as normal growth and overall health of our body. Our eyesalso need certain amount of hyaluron, to stay healthy.

Hyaluronfood is recommended for people who want to maintain healthy and youthful skin,since it has anti-aging effects and lubricates the skin. Any wounds on the skinheal much faster if there is a sufficient amount of this acid present in thebody. Patients suffering from osteoarthritis may also be advised to use thesetypes of food. Food rich in hyaluronic acid is proven to ease the pain connectedto osteoarthritis and to help treating some symptoms of this disease.

Vegetable Sourcesof Hyaluronic Acid

Fresh fruitsand vegetables are known to contain plenty of hyaluron. Potatoes and sweetpotatoes help the body to synthesize this acid. Some vegetables are rich inmagnesium, which is proven to be important for the production of hyaluronicacid. These are: spinach, broccoli, green lettuce, green beans, asparagus andcauliflower.

Vegetablescontaining zinc also help with the production of hyaluronic acid in the body. Suchvegetables are whole grains, brown rice, peanuts, beans, pumpkins etc.

Soy and soyproducts increase the intake of plant estrogens and thus promote hyaluron.

Vitamin C(ascorbic acid) promotes the hyaluron in the human body. The best sources ofvitamin C are peppers, regarding the type or color (red, orange, green, yellow).Next time you use parsley or cilantro, remember that you are helping your body.These spices contain vitamin C in high doses and also benefit the hyaluron acidin your body.

Fresh fruits,especially those rich in vitamin C can aid in production of hyaluronic acid. Youcould use citrus fruits (lemon, lime, orange, grapefruit), but also differentberries (blueberries, raspberries etc), mango, grapes, guava and cherries. Otherfruits contain high amounts of magnesium: bananas, melons, peaches, avocados, pineapples,apples etc and are also great sources of hyaluron.

HyaluronAcid in Animal Sources

Skin,connective and neural tissue of animals contain hyaluronic acid in high doses. Themeat containing any of these parts will be therefore an excellent source ofhyaluronic acid for your body. Red meat is known to contain vitamin A, whichalso promotes the hyaluron. You can take plenty of hyaluronic acid, by usingbeef, veal or pork in your meals. Soups made of chicken skin and bones alsocontain plenty of collagen and connective tissue and because of that are verybeneficial for your health.

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