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A second or subsequent pregnancy might not be quite as exciting as your first pregnancy. After all, you have done it all before, haven't you? Arguably so, but no two pregnancies are ever the same. That is not just because you are now carrying a different child and are a bit older than before. It is quite possible to experience completely different pregnancy signs and symptoms when you are pregnant a second or subsequent time!

If you experienced a lot of morning sickness during your first pregnancy and are worried about going through the same thing again for the next pregnancy, you might just be concerned about nothing. But by the same token, women who had an easy and enjoyable first pregnancy might have a rough time with their next. Those who gained large amounts of weight during a previous pregnancy might not for their next child, and the same goes for all other pregnancy symptoms, from back pain to fatigue, and from cravings to hemorrhoids.

Of course, babies have totally different characters too, so if your first child was a certain way in the womb, his or her sibling might be totally different. To prove the point, I will say that I was quite sick when I was expecting my daughter, and experienced pregnancy nausea for about five months and again at the end of the third trimester. I did not put on much weight but was very, very clearly pregnant. My skin looked great throughout my pregnancy. With my son, I was never sick at all, but was tired all the time. I put on some weight, but was not very visibly pregnant for a long time. And my skin reminded me of High School! It is entirely possible to have two pregnancies that are like polar opposites of each other. Fascinating, isn't it? Perhaps that means that you can go into your second or third pregnancy with the same feeling of not knowing what to expect, and be just as excited!

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