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Information that approximately 30% of reproductive mature women think that taking oral contraceptives is the cause of infertility and potential problems of causing problems when trying to conceive, is shocking to me. The true answer to a question "Do birth control pills cause infertility?" is NO, they don't.

There were several studies made in recent years and not even one study showed proof that birth control pills have an adverse effect on fertility. There is an American study available that was presented at clinical meeting of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG). Researches were observing women who discontinued birth control pills because they were trying to become pregnant, and they were observing parameters such as the time it took for these women to conceive, the age of women trying to conceive, the type of hormones that birth control pills contained and the length of time these women took birth control pills before trying to conceive.

This birth control pill fertility statistics in study represents perfectly normal fertility rate. These pregnancy statistics are practically the same for women who had never taken birth control pills. Approximately 20% of women became pregnant in first month, approximately 50% in first 3 months, and 80% in first year. Additionally, according to this study length of birth control pills also does not cause infertility or at least lower fertility rates. For example, of those women who had taken birth control pills for two years or less, 79.3% had become pregnant within first year of stopping birth control pills, compared with 81% of women who had used birth control pills for more than 2 years.

This is another proof length of length of contraception. Regarding the type of the pill and hormones contained: all pills contained the same type of estrogen and there was also no difference in the pregnancy rates based on the type of progesterone contained in the birth control pills. According to this study we say with certainty that correlation between birth control pills and infertility is a myth.

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