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Birth control pills cause infertility? This is a myth! Long term use of birth control pills does not cause infertility. There is a study available that proves that birth control pills do not cause infertility nor problems when trying to conceive, and has proved that with perfectly normal fertility rates among women who were using birth control pills for a longer period of time (more than 2 years).

In my opinion the birth control pill fertility rates and results were reassuring enough to prove birth control pills do not cause infertility:

- More than 21% of women from the study group became pregnant within the first month after stopping birth control (while the normal control rate on monthly basis is 20-25%, which means this group achieved perfectly normal fertility rate despite the use of birth control pills)

- More than 50% of women were pregnant within the first 3 months after stopping birth control.

- More than 80% of women were pregnant within the first year after stopping birth control.

In my opinion, the main reason for a myth that birth control pills cause infertility related problem lies in the fact that birth control pills regulate menstrual cycles: they make the natural cycle of appear normal despite the fact woman might have very regular periods regardless any problems that may exist in woman's reproductive system. Birth control pills might just hide these problems, but they are not the cause for problems!

This is the main reason when woman gets off birth control pill, her periods become irregular and underlying problems that weren't visible earlier become apparent. However, birth control pills are not the ones to blame for causing these underlying problems but they are to blame for covering these problems. However, at this point I believe it is again important to bring out that women should be careful! Despite the fact they are using birth control pills they are only preventing possible pregnancy. As you most definitely know, this leads to a conclusion, women on birth control pills only are still exposed to sexual transmitted diseases.

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