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Dizziness is a fairly common medical condition and it is aterm which is often used for various complex things. People commonly use theterm for feeling lost, trembling, stumbling, feeling lightheaded, suddenfeeling of weakness, vertigo, feeling of fainting and a loss of balance. If a personexperiences dizziness when lying down, it may be an indication of someunderlying medical condition. This type of dizziness may also occur when aperson gets up or turns from one position to the other. Any medical conditionor other factor which caused damage to the inner ear may be held responsiblefor the onset of dizziness when lying down.

Causes of Dizziness When Lying Down

The biggest and the most influential factor which causesdizziness when lying down, and as a matter of fact, dizziness in general is theprocess of aging. Still, it only induces dizziness if a person suffers fromparticular medical conditions. Severe body problems and the regular wear andtear of all the organs in the body can contribute to the onset of dizziness.Anxiety and similar mental conditions may also be associated with dizzinesswhen lying down. Panic attacks, especially the ones which occur during thenight may cause the person to feel lightheaded and to hyperventilate, which allleads to the onset of dizziness when lying down. There are also numerousdifferent types of medications which can be associated with dizziness whenlying down. This occurs mainly due to the fact that the human body needs toadapt to the medicaments. Hypertension pills, sleeping pills and antihistaminesare the most common medications when it comes to inducing dizziness when lyingdown. A medical condition called Meniere’s disease can also be held responsiblefor the occurrence of dizziness when lying down. It is characterized by excessive buildup offluids in the inner ear and is quite often accompanied by loud ringing noisesin the ears, tinnitus, roaring in ears and sometimes even hearing loss. Anothermedical condition associated with dizziness when lying down is calledorthostatic hypotension. It is characterized by drastic changes in the bloodpressure which last only for a couple of minutes. Benign paroxysmal positionalvertigo is another medical condition which may induce dizziness when lyingdown. Dizziness when lying down may also be caused by drug and alcohol abuse aswell. Dizziness when lying down cannot be treated, it is the underlyingconditions which cause it that need to be treated.

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