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Morning Dizziness Characteristics

As the name itself suggests, morningdizziness involves feeling of lack of balance and beinglightheaded upon waking up. This condition usually has to be frequentin order to be taken seriously since a single experience may simplybe connected with drinking too much alcohol the night before.Therefore, even though morning dizziness needs not to causesignificant concern, it should not be ignored if it repeats severalmornings in continuance. Then, it is best for a person to seekmedical attention and try to find out which underlying causes may bebehind this fit.

Possible Reasons Behind MorningDizziness

Morning dizziness is not much differentfrom other, regular cases of dizziness, like when you spin for alonger period of time and then abruptly stop. Performing this actionwill influence your balance and movement coordination in a negativeway. You will be unable to visualize things correctly, due to theconstant feeling of further being exposed to spinning. Additionalsituation able to trigger this condition are vertigo, a sense ofimbalance often due to an ear infection. Alternatively, low bloodpressure or usage of certain medications may all be behind yourmorning dizziness.

Sometimes, when we are anxious, we tendto breathe more than we should. This process in calledhyperventilation. Paradoxically, when we breathe too much, our brainis not getting enough oxygen and perceives this as a life-threateningdanger, triggering a panic attack, causing dizziness. The same effectmay be experienced by getting out of bed rapidly.

The list does not stop there however,since there are several other conditions capable of causing morningdizziness in people. One of these is multiple sclerosis. On the otherhand, migraines or even having a stroke, cause this uncomfortablefeeling as well.

What To Do?

First and foremost, try to remember ifyou have experienced this before. If you have, and it has happenedrecently, make sure you take further steps and seek medicalattention. However, if the morning dizziness strikes upon your wakingup, you might as well go back to bed. There is a high probabilitythat the troublesome feeling will vanish after additional sleep.Nevertheless, if you are experiencing this condition, and you knowthat you suffer from an illness of sorts, make sure you do pay yourdoctor a visit, in order to rule out any possible connections orstart a treatment if necessary.

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