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Meniere's disease is a disorder of the inner ear. It manifests itself as a feeling of a spinning motion followed by nausea and vomiting, occasional loss of hearing, ringing in the ear or pressure in the ear. Meniere's disease usually affects the middle aged people but in rare cases it can affect young people and children.

You should see your doctor if you experience any of the symptoms but especially the feeling of a spinning motion (vertigo) because sometimes it can be the sign of some other disease such as brain tumor or stroke. The symptoms of Meniere's disease can be accompanied with other symptoms which indicate that the condition may be severe. These symptoms may include severe headache, chest pain, disturbed pulse, disturbed vision, difficulties while speaking, weakness in arms and legs or loss of consciousness.

The causes of Meniere's disease can be misbalance of fluid in the inner ear, weakened immune system, head injury, allergy or infection. Since the symptoms occur suddenly, if you suffer from this disease, you may be in danger of falling down or injuring yourself while driving or operating potentially heavy equipment. You can also be at risk of losing the ability to hear.

There is no cure for Meniere's disease but there are some useful treatments which may be helpful while dealing whit this disorder. Your doctor can prescribe medications for treating nausea and motion sickness in case the episodes of vertigo are severe. You may take diuretics which will help you to reduce the amount of fluid in your body. Since you may have problems with keeping your balance you should consider specially designed rehabilitation. You can also get a hearing aid if you suffer from hearing loss or a new device called Meniett device which is recommended for the symptoms such as vertigo, pressure in the inner ear and ringing in the ear. In some cases your doctor can give you steroid injection or gentamicin injection, which can both help with vertigo. In rare and severe cases you doctor may suggest a surgery. There are several surgical procedures for treating Meniere's disease. One is endolymphatic sac procedure which includes removing a tiny part of the bone in order to drain accumulated fluid from the inner ear. The other procedure is removing the vestibular nerve in order to reduce vertigo episodes. If you already lost the ability to hear your doctor you may perform labyrinthectomy which is removing a part of the inner ear.

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