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If you are suffering from diabetes you must take care of your condition, regardless what you do at any moment of the day. Looking after your career may be particularly hard when you have diabetes and therefore, some tips should be always more than welcomed.

Keep Diabetes under Control

Staying healthy is the best way to ensure good productivity at work. Exercise regularly, take care and eat properly and healthy and make sure to control your blood sugar. When you take care of yourself and people you are working with acknowledge that, it will be much easier to take some time off work if you happen to need it.

Plan the meals ahead and always have something to eat when your blood sugar is very low. This is one of the biggest challenges diabetes patients have at work, so having some snacks in the bag is very important.

Stress on the job may seriously affect the level of your blood sugar and raise or decrease it significantly. In some situations, stress can also mask the effects of low blood sugar, so you need to be aware and ready for this. Blood sugar meter should always be near you, not in your car or somewhere else. Be careful where you leave this equipment because temperature can negatively affect them.

Let the Co-workers Know

Medical identification jewelry is great thing and you should wear it. In the case something happens to you it is best that emergency staff instantly know you are diabetes patient. Your boss and some of trusted co-workers have to know your medical problem, just to be on the safe side. Even though you might have unpleasant situations before, these people may be really helpful, so give them a chance. They may not know much about diabetes, but they can learn. If neccesary, there are some diabetes educators and they can help explaining the people you are working with what is diabetes and what is diabetes friendly enviroment. Ask your employer if he is willing to host this educator.

Sometimes, you may need to get a doctor’s note, stating what exactly do you require for diabetes care. Pass this statement to your boss, human resources and company nurse, if there is such as person.

Don’t ever abuse the system and use sick days or disability pay in situations you have to do so. Perhaps someone will have the same medical problem in the same company after you, so give an example.

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