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It is estimated that dental implant failure affects approximately 5% of all patients in case of lower jaw implants and up to 10% of patients in cases of upper jaw implants. If one has undergone insertion of more than one implant, at least one of them will be successful. Unfortunately, the actual cause of selective dental implant failure has not been fully understood yet.

In majority of cases dental implant failure is associated with the presence of certain bacteria in the jawbone. They are generally found even prior the to the implant being inserted and can be responsible for implant failure.

Dental Implant Rejection

There is a difference between dental implant failure and dental implant rejection. Since dental implants are made of titanium (a metal with 'inert' nature which cannot induce rejection) dental implant rejection is almost completely prevented. This is why a majority of dentists deal with dental implant failure. In dental implant failure the factors other than the very structure of the implant are taken into consideration. Still, there is slight chance that the implant may be contaminated during the production or even at dentist's office during the implantation procedure. These two possibilities rarely occur and are almost impossible since dental implant manufactures must comply with strict FDA quality standards and dental surgeons and periodontists follow the highest sanitation practices.

Dental Implant Failure: Causes

One of the causes of dental implant failure is short-cutting of the diagnostic phase. In many cases dental surgeons use only a two-dimensional panographic X-ray. This type of X ray is suitable for most of dental surgeries but it may not be sufficient enough in case of dental implant surgery. This specific X ray does not provide with sufficient information about the quality of jaw bone and the precise position of nerves and blood vessels. The desirable information can be perfectly achieved by CT scans.

One more cause of dental implant failure is inadequate medical history. A person may suffer from certain conditions which can cause failure of dental implants. This is why all the data regarding patient's health must be thoroughly investigated.

Dental implant failure can occur due to improper dental implant fixtures. Even though there are so many companies which manufacture fixtures for this purpose, only six of them have scientifically confirmed quality.

And finally, dental implant failure may result as a consequence of incorrect dental implant insertion. Prior the procedure a dental surgeon must precisely determine the most suitable position to place an implant.

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