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Blood pressure

The blood is bodily fluid that carries oxygen and essentialnutrients throughout the body, but thus whole process would be impossible if there weren't the heart, which pumps it in order to reach the remote parts of the body. When passingthrough the blood vessels, the blood makes a pressure on the walls of the blood channelsand this pressure is different when the heart is pumping than the pressure whenthe heart is relaxed.

It is regarded that the normal blood pressure in an adultis 120/80 mm Hg, while in cases when the value of the blood pressure is over 140/90 mm Hg, it is considered that the person suffers fromhigh blood pressure, which is a quite serious condition in the view of the factthat it may cause serious health complications (like heart attack and stroke).

Managing pressure

It is estimated that over 30% of people withhypertension even do not know that they suffer from it, and because of that itis recommended to measure the blood pressure regularly in order to take certainsteps to keep it under control timely. The blood pressure has a tendency to slightly elevatewith aging and it is advisable to check up the blood pressure minimum once a year.

The people who have hypertension should reduce the intakeof sodium, which is an ingredient of the salt, since sodium causes the fluid retention, which further makes a negative impact on the effectiveness of the heart, though theblood vessels can become irritated as well.

Apart from staying away from the salty foods, the peoplewith this condition should stay away from much cholesterol and saturated fats sincethey may form plaque on the walls of the blood vessels and reduce the bloodstream to the heart by making the blood vessels too narrow for the normal blood flow. Thedaily intake of the cholesterol should always be measured and it should be 100mg of cholesterol for each 1000 calories. It is not good to totally exclude thefats from the diet, but their intake should also be limited to small amounts.

The high blood pressure can be lowered with regular exercises,such as the morning walk, and with a healthy lifestyle, which refers to healthy eatinghabits and avoiding alcohol and smoking. The medicines prescribed for this conditionshould also be used every day, and the instructions of the doctor should be followed carefully.

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