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Helpful and Harmful

CT scans have proven their valuescountless times, when it comes to illness diagnosis and discovery.These devices have given us insight of things we were not able to seebefore. Namely, by having a image of your internal organs withoutperforming any operations, it is much easier to see any anomalies orongoing problems and therefore start the correct treatment timely.Moreover, newer CT and CAT scans even offer 3D scans of your body,where almost all problems you might have may be easily seen and,therefore, possible illnesses diagnosed and adequate treatmentsrecommended.

Unfortunately, these excellent devicesall involve X-ray scanning. As we all know, this approach meansexposing the patient to harmful radiation. Therefore, those who areill may experience their diseases worsening and those with weakimmunities may get sick by getting exposed to these scanners. For allthese reasons, many people are skeptic towards CT scans and are quitereluctant when it comes to being subjected to this way of diagnosis.

Bad Sides of CT Scans

First of all, all people should beaware of the fact that this diagnostic procedure is considered thesafest and least problematic of all, with minimal possibilities ofunwanted side-effects. Nevertheless, there are several complicationswhich the patients may experience while being scanned.

Some patients may experience anallergic reaction to the substance given to them in order for theblood vessels and kidneys to appear clearer on the CT image.Alternatively, some patients are known to have experienced breathingdifficulties, hives and rashes along with irritation and discomfortupon the affected spots.

Radiation levels emitted by thesedevices are minimal and reduced to the point of being unable to harmhuman beings. Regardless, pregnant women should not have CT scansdone upon their bodies since they might jeopardize their baby's lifesince the radiation may be harmful for the fetus. Thus, it is best toconsult with a doctor before doing a CT scan under suchcircumstances. Also, small children should not be exposed to thisradiation for too long, especially, if their medical history makesthis approach risky for their well-being.

Finally, this sudden rising in CT scanside-effects may be due to increase in its usage. All countries havethese devices, and more people are likely to get diagnosed by themsince they are not so cheap and are the most effective for thesepurposes. Thus, it is not strange that the number of side-effectcases is rising as well. After all, the number of positive effectsand benefits related to CT scans is guaranteed to be much larger.

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