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Cell Phones and Radiation

Since cell phones became widely popular, people have been talking about their harmful radiation. In fact, this radiation is not that much connected with cell phones as it is with the towers which provide the signal for them. Namely, these devices do produce certain levels of radiation, known to be capable of harming people's health. During the 90s, people were worried about these towers. Now, after more than 20 years, the number of signal towers has increased 10 times. Taking this into consideration, the radiation danger is greater now than it has ever been before. Yet, people seem to have forgotten about this, since cell phones have already become a necessity and one simply cannot imagine life without it.

How Can Cell Phone Towers Harm You?

Even though the accent of cell phone negative aspects has always been placed upon the safety while driving and other factors of this type, the real danger lies elsewhere. The signal towers nowadays are not placed outside residential areas, schools and parts of towns and cities filled with people. Rather, these are the exact parts where these devices are mounted, there, all people, young and old, are exposed to destructive radiation daily. This cell phone tower radiation may lead to brain tumors, heart issues, sleeping problems, leukemia and many other health complications. Moreover, these can cause brain damage, abnormal cell growth, immunity deficiency, eye cancer, fertility problems and weakened barrier between our brain and our blood. What is more, animals seem to suffer the same consequences since cows, located in the fields near these towers, seem to give less milk and suffer from health problems more often. After this phenomenon was noticed, the cows were moved far away from the harmful antennas and all the side-effects disappeared. As far as humans are concerned, as long as you have bars on your phone signal indicator, rest assured that you are exposed to the radiation of these devices.

Subsequently, the more time you spend in this exposure, the more dangerous it is going to get. However, the radiation produced by these towers if far less than what is considered dangerous by experts. Yet, it is still quite hazardous. Then, we meet a dead end, reaching a point where we are unable to let go of this communication habit we have addicted us to, for the sake of our health and the health of generations to come.

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