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In vitro fertilization, also known as IVF, helps tens of thousands of couples conceive, usually after years of trying. For those who can schedule about a month to focus on getting pregnant, the IVF Alternative in the Czech Republic offers a lower-stress and lower-cost possibility for couples trying to conceive.Treatment at the IVF Alternative Proprofit Clinic in the Czech Republic offers a number of attractive advantages:

Each fertility cycle costs thousands of dollars less than in the United States, as little as $6,000, compared to $15,00 or to $30,000 in the USA. Couples of all races are welcome, and for couples who need egg donation, egg donors of all races are available. "Resetting" ovulation with monophasic birth control pills allows women to set their own schedule for their visits to the clinic for harvesting of their own eggs for IVF. Instead of using "sugar pills" for seven days, women reset their menstrual cycles by using birth control pills with the same dosage of estrogen and progesterone every day until they are ready to menstruate, and ovulate, again. The IVF Alternative Clinic in the Czech Republic does not have an arbitrary upper age limit for IVF recipients. However, they do not have experience working with women older than 54, and they are very careful to consider the impacts of pregnancy on diseases that are related to cumulative lifetime exposure to estrogen, such as breast cancer.

The IVF Alternative Clinic offers some very simple treatments for very common complications. Women who have had repeated miscarriages, for example, are often asked to take baby Aspirin (something you should not do without consulting your doctor first). Sometimes a woman develops antibodies to her babies, and blood vessels in the placenta constrict, starving the embryo, and leading to spontaneous abortion. A baby Aspirin can be enough to keep those blood vessels open for the placenta to stabilize and the pregnancy to proceed. Baby Aspirin is also used to treat a potentially deadly complication later in pregnancy, preeclampsia. Stronger medicines, such as regular Aspirin and heparin, often are not helpful at all.

The IVF alternative clinic is located in Brno, an easy ride from either Prague or Vienna, deep in the beautiful heart of Europe. Many prospective parents use some of the thousands of dollars they save on a relaxing European vacation--or they start their baby's college fund even before birth.

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