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Very often lung condition of today is asthma. There is a lot of different kind of asthma or actually different way of manifestation this insidious disease.

The one of the kind is the chronic cough, or the cough variant asthma. Specific for this type of asthma is the non-stop, dry and suffocating cough. The main specific is that, unlike normal asthma, the cough variant asthma does not show the typical symptoms of asthma such as wheezing and shortness of breath. The Cough variant of asthma can shows totally different symptoms such as swelling of the airways, or not to show any symptoms at all. Symptoms of the cough variant asthma can less from two till two and half months.

What is trigger for cough variant asthma?

As all being well-known, asthma is a lung condition that is being caused by a lot of type of allergies and reactions. Allergens could be numerous and the most common are tobacco smoke, house dust, animal fur, pollen.. As the usual type of asthma also the cough variant asthma can be triggered with mentioned allergens. Also the cough variant asthma can be caused by breathing of cool air, using different medicaments for heart condition, not well cured sinusitis…

Actually, the real cause for the cough variant asthma is not specified and is not exact discovered.

How the symptoms can be recognized?

The most recognizable symptom of the cough variant asthma both youngsters and adults is non-stop dry cough, and it can starts up during the sleeping or during the physical activities.

How to treat cough variant asthma?

The only test which shows approximately the symptoms of the cough variant asthma is “positive methacholine inhalation challenge” or shorter MIC. Unfortunately, even this method is not hundred percent correct, because the symptoms of the cough variant asthma are very hard to discover. Also very difficult thing about the cough variant asthma is that tests based on x-ray can show that is nothing going on in lungs, so that is also making another of numerous difficulties.

But in moment, when is suspected on cough variant asthma, it should be well treated, so it won’t make some bigger complications. The cough variant asthma can be treated with same drugs that regular type of asthma is cured. These drugs are different kinds of the bronchodilators such as Albuterol and ipratropium, or also is inhaled of steroids, but this method is not much recommendable because a lot of side effects can happened. And of course, the most important thing about the cough variant asthma is that patient should always been under the control of the doctor, and should not use substances on his own hand.

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