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There are so many different complications that pregnant women have to endure however the good news is that most women don’t ever have to worry about any complications. By simply being aware an making your doctor aware of any preexisting conditions you or the farther has and then by making simple changes to your diet or adding a supplement could be enough to prevent any complications over the nine months of pregnancy.


A complication that most women are aware of is the bleeding. Now this can be nothing but yes it can also be very serious. It is common for women to bleed in their pregnancy especially in the first trimester. Some women have said that they experienced a period at the time a period would have been due if they were not pregnant. As the article said at the beginning there can be serious reasons for bleeding in pregnancy if you experience bleeding in your ninth month of pregnancy it could be due to placenta previa or placental abruption. And if your morning sickness is worse than you anticipated then you could be experiencing hyperemesis gravidarum.


One major worry that is in all mothers to be heads is the labor day, but many of them to anticipate going into an early labor, what to actually do I that situation and how can you avoid it from happening to you. If you do experience an early labor then your baby can be at a low birth weight which can be quite serious so its the best to discuss all your options with your doctor.

Thyroid disease

If you have a goiter it can potentially cause problems and complications during your pregnancy and you will have to talk to your doctor about the possibility of changing your medication and treatment.


If you are obese during your pregnancy it can cause some major complications for both you and the baby. In the USA, the medical health professionals now class the obese mothers to be as high risk pregnancies. It is really only a risk in the western countries however it seems to be a concern for many other countries. If you are overweight then its advisable to speak to your doctor about the safest way to lose the weight prior to becoming pregnant.

Amniotic fluid

The amniotic fluid is important to the baby and all mothers to be know however when the fluid gets too low or too high then this can be a problem. Speak to your doctor and learn about the signs to look out for.

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