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Contact lenses are an excellent substitute for regular glasses, being practical, invisible and effective. However, in order to truly benefit from contact lenses, you need to insert them the right way. Otherwise, you might damage your eyes. Thus, proper handling of contact lenses is crucial.

Facts about Contact Lenses

Even though most people choose contact lenses which are invisible and transparent, recently, colored lenses have taken the world by storm. Namely, these provide vision improvement along with the change of color of one’s eyes. These can even be bought without prescription and vision correction characteristics.

Placing a contact lens onto the surface of your eye can be much harder than you imagine. So, most people, when they get contact lenses, start worrying about the process of putting them on for the first time. If you do not place them properly, your eyes may get irritated and you might experience discomfort. On the other hand, there are experienced individuals who place these lenses without any complications. However, even they might swap the left lens for the right one, spending the entire day wondering why their vision is blurry.

How to Place Your Contact Lenses Correctly

First and foremost, make sure you are performing this in a well-lit room with plenty of space for you to move your arms and hands. Do this in front of a mirror, and make sure that the surface underneath will allow you to relocate the lens if it falls out of your hand.

Secondly, before you handle the contact lens, wash your hands with soap and water and make sure you hands are completely dry by wiping them with a paper towel since regular towels may leave fibers on the surface of your fingers.

Thirdly, in order to avoid the mix-up mentioned above, label the contact lens boxes with L for the left one and R for the right one. Keep the lenses safe in saline solution and take them up with your right index finger. Before you place the lens in the eye, make sure that the edges of the lens are not touching your finger.

Final Steps in Placing Contact Lenses

Lean closer to the mirror. With your left hand, pull the bottom of the eyelids down, completely exposing the eye. Once this is done, move the lens closer to your eye, place it and remove the finger as soon as you notice that it has contacted the eye. If the lens seems stiff or hard to place, moisten it with saline solution again.

Once you manage to do this, blink several times, calibrating the lenses. Also, you might need to look in every direction. Finally, before you close the boxes, fill them up with saline solution once more.

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