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Eye (or we can say vision) problems is something the people wantto deal with as efficiently as possible, because it might be a sense we need themost. Most common eye conditions include myopia and hyperopia. People who suffer from these conditions are short sighted and far sighted. The most commonmedical tool used for these two is the use of eyeglasses.


Well, eyeglasses have been the most common treatment forthose mentioned problems. But in the past few decades, some other solutionsarrived. Most extreme would be a laser surgery, which should completelyalleviate the problem. But there are those whose eye condition is not allowingthe surgery and those who are simply afraid of it. Instead of wearing eyeglasses, they use contact lenses. Contact lenses are elegant and effective way ofdealing with the eye conditions. There are a few advantages over theeyeglasses and one would be having a full eye range available in front of theface. This is not the case with eyeglasses, because the visible area is onlythat we see in front of us, but through the glasses only. Also, there is estheticissue; some people prefer contact lenses simply because they dislike havingsomething on their head, for some people it is simply discomforting.

Contact lenses

Still, there are some things that should be mentioned regardingthe use of contact lenses. There are some contact lens problems that mightoccur for various reasons. Hygiene of the eyes must be kept at the highestlevel. This also goes for the hands because they are used for putting lenses inand out. Contact lenses must be washed and cleaned properly, but only with theproducts that are especially made for that. Nothing else must be used. Thesurface of contact lenses is an excellent place for dirt, protein residues andbacteria to accumulate. Therefore, it is recommended to put out lenses beforesleeping. Actually, sleeping with lenses is usually not allowed. This isbecause of the fact that lenses are a foreign object in our organism, somethingthat should not be there in the first place. And also, when put on the surfaceof the eyeball, the covered area is losing contact with the air and that is also agood spot for dirt to gather. And also, many people disregard the fact thatlenses should be out of the eyes during sleeping. Luckily today, there are evenlenses that can be used for one day only. You put them on, and throw them awayafter the use. No need for washing or cleaning and each time you put lenses in,they are new, sterilized and clean. One of the few conditions that might becaused by the contact lenses misuse is conjunctivitis, which might complicate a lot of not treated in time.

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