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Problem with Vision Impairment

The eye is one of the most sophisticated systems known toman. The camera mimics the way it works, as it has the iris which is in chargeof controlling the amount of light which passes through the pupil. When thelight is bright the pupils gets closed up, but in dark conditions it gets wideopen. The eye also has the cornea, which is transparent and is in charge ofprotecting the eye. It is also an important part of focusing the light alongwith the lens. The retina inside the eyes transforms the light into millions ofnerve signals which are then sent to the brain by the means of the optic nerve.Visual impairment is any sort of medical condition which has a negative effecton the eyes or any part of the visual system so that the access to normalprocesses of learning is significantly decreased. Visual impairment may alreadybe present at birth, it may be triggered by diseases, damage or injuries or itcan be associated in some way with various different types of syndromes ormedical conditions. Some medical conditions are progressive and they graduallydecrease the vision. Some visual impairments are just minor defects which caneasily be resolved by the use of contact lenses or eyeglasses but there arealso major problems which may call for corrective lenses, medical treatmentsand even surgery. Some of them unfortunately cannot be cured. According tocertain statistics there are more than 10 million people in the United Stateswho suffer from sort of visual impairment.

Main Causes of Vision Impairment

In most cases, people are faced with vision impairment onlywhen they reach 50 or so years. Visual impairments may occur in younger peopleas well, but they are usually associated with accidents or injuries. Somechildren are born with congenital blindness, so they remain blind for the restof their lives. This medical condition may be triggered by certain types ofinfections or it may be inherited. There are also a number of other medicalconditions which can sometimes be held responsible for the onset of visualimpairment. One such condition is trachoma and it involves an inflammatorycondition of the eye triggered by an extremely contagious microorganismmedicinally referred to as Chlamydia trachomatis. This condition is commonlyassociated with overcrowded living conditions and limited access to sanitationand water. Another medical condition which is commonly associated with visionimpairments is macular degeneration. This medical condition can becharacterized by a gradual deterioration of the macula and the loss of centralvision. It commonly occurs in older people. Glaucoma is a medical conditionwhich is characterized by abnormally increased pressure inside the eye whichmay damage the optic nerve and lead to visual impairments. One of the mostcommon types of medical conditions associated with visual impairments is theone known as diabetic retinopathy. This occurs when diabetes damages the bloodvessels in the retina and it may sometimes even lead to blindness. Cataract isa medical condition characterized by cloudy areas of the lens of the eye. Thesymptoms of this medical condition usually involve the colors that seem faded,difficulty seeing in poorly lit spaces, blurry vision, cloudy vision and doublevision. The medical condition which is most commonly associated with differenttypes of visual impairment is the one known as amblyopia.

How It Affects Education in Students?

Visual impairments are a big problem in the natural processof learning because the majority of it requires proper vision and eyesight.Restricted capacity to obtain information is a serious issue. Different sortsof visual impairments may seriously compromise one’s social interactions,independent living skills, mobility, communication and academic areas. Thosewho suffer from visual impairments need to consider certain adjustmentsconsidering environmental conditions, extra time and opportunity to preview andreview audio visual material, accessibility within the learning environment,independent and safe mobility, time allowed to complete certain tasks,assistive technologies, specialized equipment, alternative formats for classesand assessments and presentation of all learning materials in various differentsorts of alternative forms. Students with visual impairments may be supportedby community agencies, non-school organizations, various therapists, specialeducation program teachers, advisory visiting teachers and specialist supportteachers.

Treatment Options

If one notices any visual problems it is highly recommendedto pay a visit to an ophthalmologist who specializes in examination, diagnosisand treatment of all different sorts of eye related medical problems. A simpleexam is what each visit should involve, however the doctor may also perform certain tests such as visual acuity test, visual field test and tonometry test.The numerous types of treatment options include contact lenses, eyeglasses, eyedrops and various other sorts of medicines. There are also certain serioustypes of visual impairments which can only be treated by utilizing surgicalinterventions.

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