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In men, the sperm is produced in the testicles and then it is carried to the epididymis with the assistance of the efferential tubules. The epididymis is a part of male reproductive system where the sperm matures. Prior being ejaculated the sperm reaches the urethra through vas deferens. Vasectomy is a form of male contraception which includes severing and tightening of these specific canals of the male reproductive system (vas diferentia) in order to prevent ejaculation. This is a minor surgical procedure with long term effects. However, for all the men who have undergone vasectomy there is an opportunity to achieve ejaculation again with the assistance of the vasectomy reversal procedure. This particular surgical procedure restores the reproductive tract to its state prior vasectomy. The results are optimal and a man once again becomes able to fertilize his partner.

Conceiving after Vasectomy - Vasectomy Reversal Surgery

The first thing a man can opt for to restore his fertilizing powers is vasectomy reversal procedure. The procedure includes reconnection of the severed vas deferens. The procedure is not so complex and lasts approximately 3-5 hours. The desirable results as well as the success of the surgery mostly depend on the skills of a surgeon. Even after vas deferens is reconnected conceiving after vasectomy reversal may be difficult. This can be explained by the blockage in the epididymis caused by pressure induced by vasectomy. So it is good if this blockage is dealt with during the very procedure of vasectomy reversal.

Other Vasectomy Reversal Alternatives

Sperm aspiration is one alternative to vasectomy reversal. It is recommended in men who would like to have another child but are not interested in vasectomy reversal surgery. This procedure includes aspiration of the sperm from the epididymis or the testis. The obtained sperm is used in invitro fertilization (IVF).

One more alternative to vasectomy reversal is sperm banking. A man who opts for vasectomy may choose to store his sperm in a sperm bank. This way he can use the sperm in case he decides another baby. He does not undergo vasectomy reversal surgery and the doctor uses his frozen sperm too for invitro fertilization.

Therapeutic donor insemination is an option for men who are not against using other man's sperm for fertilization of an egg. The couple chooses the most convenient sperm donor and the whole process of insemination is even in this case artificial.

The man who decides to take vasectomy must be familiar with all the alternatives in case he chooses to become a father again. The information must be passed prior vasectomy and this way a person is given plenty of time to chose most convenient alternative and think about what might happen in a future.

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