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Mononucleosis is a disease that can be spread by means of adirect contact with people who already have the virus of the contagiousdisease. There are various types of viruses and Epstein-Barr in a virus thatcomes from the family of herpes and is spread by the infected saliva so it getsaround very easily. The most common ways of spreading the EBV is by coughingand sneezing. Sharing straws, utensils and lip gloss helps the virus to getfrom one person to another much faster. Kissing and sexual intercourse are thefastest way for the virus to be transferred.

The EBV and mononucleosis can be recognized by symptoms likejaundice, joint throbbing, over exhaustion, faster heart rate, enlarged spleenthat causes pain in the upper left part of the abdomen, heart palpitation,headache, muscle ache, sore throat, swollen lymph glands, fever, bloated liverand a loss of appetite. One should seek immediate medical attention but therealso numerous home remedies for the treatment of mononucleosis.

In order to avoid getting infected with mononucleosis oneshould stay away from persons who are already is infected with the disease andshould not share any personal items such as lip gloss or a toothbrush. Oneshould also never share the utensils with other people. Regular baths andthorough washing of the hands before meals is strongly advised. Yoga classesand medications are helpful in relieving stress.

There are so many different home remedies for mononucleosisand they may come in real handy once a person gets infected. The liver and thespleen requires the person to get as much rest as possible and that is perhapsthe most important part of the healing process.

Yarrow and elderflower areefficient in reducing fever. Garlic is also very potent in fighting variousviral infections. The extracts of cleavers and wild indigo plants that are helpful incleansing the lymphatic system. A warm bath enhanced with aromatherapyconsisting of essential oils of bergamot, lavender and eucalyptus is verybeneficial in relieving too much exhaustion. Cleansing the mouth with saltwatercan be very helpful in relieving a sore throat. Among many other home remediesfor the treatment of mononucleosis, slippery elm bark and licorice are alsoworth mentioning.

In order to cure mononucleosis, one must understand that itweakens the immune system. A daily diet must be planned carefully and dividedinto more frequent, smaller meals and plenty of water needs to be ingested inorder to wash out the toxic substances out of the body. One should ingestplenty of fruits and vegetables, vitamins, minerals and other healthsupplements. Processed food should be avoided. Caffeinated beverages, meat andsaturated fats should also be avoided.

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