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If you are expecting to have a surgery to your heart then your doctor will talk to you about the possible complications that come hand in hand with the surgery during and after the procedure. The problems can be small and serious such as bleeding during and after the procedure, a heart attack, a possible stroke you may suffer with lung problems, an infection or allergic reaction from the anesthesia.Each year the number of surgeries for the heart is increasing at a rapid rate, in fact in the USA there are well over a thousand people going through a heart surgery each and every day. If calculated it will add up to approximately half a million every year. However these figures account for many different types of surgeries to the heart such as bypasses, widening procedures, stents and transplants. If a patient needs surgery for their heart it is usually the final stop as they should of by now tried a wide range of medications and treatments.

Before the heart surgery

Before having a heart operation you need to go through all the possible complications and risks that are involved with the surgery. The doctor will want to go through your medical history in details and to discuss the recovery period.Heart Surgery Complications

When the heart is operated on the surgeon will open the chest fully to then proceed to fix the current problem the patient is suffering with. Whilst the surgeon is working on the heart they will be using a machine called a heart-lung bypass machine which is used to do the function of the lungs and heart in replacement of the actual patient’s real heart and lungs. Each day the medical minds are and have developed new ways to make the operation less invasive which in turn cause less risks to the health of the patient during and after the procedure as well as that it will also aid in the recovery time.Common post surgical problems

Intraoperative Bleeding during the operation is a usual condition for all forms of operations with the heart and any of the major blood vessels. A Heart Attack at the time of the operation is a major complication and usually happens because of the amount of stress the individual is under. A Stroke occurs in two to three percent of patients to have a surgery on the heart and is caused normally by a blood clot.

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