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Appendectomy is the medical termfor the surgical procedure of the elimination of appendix (the ending of the cesium,which doesn’t have its purpose in organism’s functions). This is the procedurewhich is performed frequently and it is compulsory because, without having theappendix removed, there is a considerable risk of sepsis. So, it is done rightaway after the patient notices the inflammation of the appendix. The conditionis acute and that is why that person must be taken to the emergency.

After the diagnosis and thepreparatory process, the surgery can be done. Of course, first of all, thesurgeon must choose between two most common procedures, concerning the pros andcons of each one of them.

The ordinary appendectomy done inthe open is more invasive, and the laparoscopic removal of the appendix is doneby making considerably smaller incision. Both of them are based on the processof making the inflamed appendix unattached and removed from the body, but,there are some differences.

For example, the laparoscopicprocedure involves filming the affected area with a small camera in order todiscover the amount of the inflammation and the damage to the nearby tissue.And, concerning the traditional procedure, after the appendix is removed, allthe cut tissue must be sewn back.

Although the period ofrehabilitation lasts the same in both cases, the less aggressive procedurelasts longer, so the patient is under the risk of some undesirableconsequences, caused by the larger amount of anesthetics. Also, thelaparoscopic procedure is more expensive because of the expensive equipment.

But, the laparoscopy isespecially recommendable in those women who suffer from some gynecologicalproblem, and because of that, it is very hard to diagnose the condition.

If the patient who had theappendectomy starts to walk and eat normally, everything is okay. But, it isgood to point out here that every single operation involves some risks. Themost common undesirable consequence is pneumonia, especially in smokers. Also,the adhesions could happen, and they can provoke intestinal obstructions.Hernia can be added to this group of consequence, since it is a commoncomplication of incisions.

Much rarely, the inflammatoryprocess of the veins is likely to start, but only in those cases of inactivity,when a longer recovery is needed.

Nevertheless, the most severecomplication is the rupture of the appendix, and it can happen if not treated.It is dangerous because it can lead to infection, due to already infectedcontents of it, which is spilled into the abdomen. But, in that case, thedrainage of the content is performed and the antibiotics are used to treat thecondition.

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