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Collagen vascular disease causes the immune disorder due to the connective tissue problem. This major tissue helps the formation of the body part structures, which means that the matrix of the body is framed by this very important tissue. Elastin and collagen are the two proteins that make the connective tissue. Ligament and skin bouncing back and stretching is something the elastin protein is responsible for. Skin tautness is the responsibility of the collagen. These two proteins can get damaged due to the immune system disorders, such as collagen vascular disease group of conditions, which are related to the connective tissue.


There are no unique problems that this group of collagen vascular diseases creates, but there are some symptoms that are generally associated with this problem and they include persistent fatigue, joint inflammation, fever and anemia.

Disease List

One of the diseases in this group is the rheumatoid arthritis, which causes problems with body joints. The immune system attacks the healthy body tissue because it confuses them with harmful ones. Some of the problems that this disease causes are excruciating joint pain, joint swelling, fatigue and morning stiffness. The symptoms can be relieved but the problem cannot be cured.Next possible collagen vascular disease is the systemic lupus erythematous, which is an autoimmune disease caused by an infection. This problem is associated with the attack on the body's own proteins and it also cannot be cured. It attacks mostly children, women and those in the age range from 10 to 50 years of age.Dermatomyositis is the inflammation of the body muscles, which is probably caused by a viral infection, but professionals are not sure about this. The problem may evolve for few months and then the problem appears suddenly. This problem mostly attacks women and those in the age range from 5-15 and those from 40 to 60.Scleroderma or the systemic sclerosis causes the alteration of the skin, internal organs, skeletal muscles and blood vessels appearance. This problem is caused by an unknown culprit, but it causes excess deposition of the collagen on the skin.The last possible disease that is a part of the collagen vascular diseases is the Polyarteritis Nodosa. This is a serious autoimmune disorder that is associated with the attack on the arteries by the immune cells that cause an inflammation. This problem can attack different organs and the symptoms depend on this factor. The problem can be present in the nervous system, kidneys, heart and skin. Know that most of these diseases cannot be cured and they are very serious problems that can cause serious consequences. But there are some medications which can bring some relief from the symptoms.

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