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Chalazion Surgery

This method of treatment has proven to be the highly efficient. This surgery involves the removal of a cyst located below the eyelids and it is called chalazion. One vital part of the tears and their manufacture is a meibomian cyst, which is located in the back region of the eyelids. The oily fluid goes to the eyes via the pies and ducts, which can became blocked sometimes. When this happens, a problem named chalazion occurs. Then the fluid cannot pass and it accumulates and makes this cyst bigger and bigger. Both eyelids can be affected by this condition, which can gather a lot of fluid in just several weeks. Males and females can be targeted by this problem and when swelling and redness are present, the problem has become infected. The stay in the hospital is not needed for this simple surgery. The same day you will be discharged from the hospital. There is a use of anesthetic in the form of a cream or an injection that needs to be injected in the eyelids. Then the removal of the cyst comes through the incision approximately 3cm long. The wound requires no stitches due to the incision size.


There is some mild discomfort, but no serious side effects are associated with the recovery time. The recovery may last from 10 days to 2 weeks. Use medications if discomfort is present and never soak the eyes when taking a bath or a shower. Also, make up on the eyes is not a good idea just for a while. Never miss taking a medication and drops given by the doctor. In approximately a week after the surgery, the stitches will be removed. It will also be necessary to use padding after you exit the hospital, but after 6 hours, you can remove them. Also, avoid bright light and wear glasses for driving that the doctor will give you.

Some of the risks are bleeding and swelling, but in general, this surgery is not involved with a lot of risks. Antibiotic drops are given for the infection in case it appears. In some cases, acute discomfort, bumpy and red cyst may be present, but these cases are extremely rare.


If the eyes are not nurtured, an infection may occur. Poor eye care is one of the most common causes of chalazion. It is always a good idea to take some cold water and wash the eyes when coming home. This is very important for those who have experienced this problems several times and are prone to it. Also, the children can undergo this surgery, which is complete after 20-30 minutes. Medications are given if tiredness or some other complication presents itself. Be sure to consult a doctor before you undergo this surgery, which costs around 40 $.

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