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Cerumen orEarwax

Cerumen, whichis also called earwax, is a substance that is inside our ear canal and that isresponsible for keeping different substances from getting inside the ear.Earwax is produced by certain glands, and it can sometimes even block the earentrance. However, it is very easy to remove it from the ear if it bothers you.When the blockage happens, you may experience pain, ringing in the ear andpressure. You can clean earwax in different ways and you can perform it byyourself, or in some cases you will need the help of a physician.

When youneed to clean earwax?

Doctors donot recommend cleaning earwax, except in cases when there is overproduction ofthis substance. When you have more cerumen than needed, there is a higher riskof ear blockage and you can have hearing difficulties. It can also lead to someear infections due to bacteria found in that excessive amount of earwax. Youshould visit a doctor in these cases, and he will see how much of earwax is producedso that you could get a proper treatment.

Techniquesfor removing earwax

When youwant to clean away cerumen, you should use special techniques with proper care.Health provider could suggest the usage of technique that consists of rinsingthe cerumen out with a liquid. Here he will use a syringe that is full of mixtureof water and hydrogen peroxide and put it in your ear under the pressure. It willmake your cerumen soft and force it out of your ear. This procedure will easeyour discomfort, but you mustn’t do this by yourself because there is adanger of harming your ear drum.

There arealso wire loop and vacuum techniques that can be used for removing earwax. Duringwire loop technique, cerumen is removed from the ear without force and with thehelp of headlamp. Vacuum technique can disturb the normal production of cerumenand that is why it is used rarely.

CerumenRemoval Home Remedies

You can usethese remedies when your eardrum is completely healthy. Paraffin oil can be easily used in thispurpose. You should use 2 to 3 spoons of this oil, warm it and absorb it withthe eye dropper. Put a few drops in your ear and lie still for five to tenminutes. Earwax will become soft so you should remove it in the sink. You cando this every day until you get the desirable result. Don’t usecotton ear bunds, hair pins or other invasive objects to pull out cerumen, because bydoing this, you can make things much worse.

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