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Annual and seasonal fluinfections can be avoided with flu shots but their use has been brought underattack due to the great number of allergic reactions that they seem to cause.People can suffer harm due to certain ingredients found in the flu shots andthis is why everyone should know the ingredients of the flu shots. The mostcommon side effects associated with common flu shots are soreness, swelling andlight fever.

Dead Influenza Viruses

Annual flu shots have tree mainviruses included, although there are many of them available. They are disabledbacteria or weak viruses, which can activate the response system of a body'simmune system. There are different dangers to fear of and the decisionregarding the viruses that will be active this year is up to the medicalexperts in the Disease Control and Prevention. They will make a flu shot basedon their observations. Animal proteins such as those from rabbit body parts, monkeytissue, chicken embryo and pig blood, are used for the preparation of virusesand these proteins can cause extreme allergies, especially among those allergicto chicken eggs and among children.

Aluminum, Thimerosal and Mercury

Chemicals found in the flu shotscan be very dangerous and the ones considered the most dangerous are thimerosaland mercury. Nervous system and brain can suffer great damage from mercury,which has been blamed for rise of children autism cases in the last 20 years.It can also lead to certain autoimmune diseases. Authorities claim that theamount of mercury found in the flu shots cannot cause harm, but this is nottrue in cases of infants. Flu shots have a preservative included and it isthimerosal. It can cause allergic reactions among pregnant woman and children,which led to a ban of this item in several states. There are some indicationsthat Alzheimer’s disease can be caused by the thimerosal and aluminum. The riskassociated with this disease is on the rise among those who have taken 5 or 6consecutive vaccinations.

Other Ingredients

Several other ingredients arealso dangerous for the human body and some of them are formaldehyde andethylene glycol. Preservative is formaldehyde, while ethylene glycol is antifreeze.Even a human life can be in danger due to the consumption of ethylene glycol.Formaldehyde is used in cosmetic industry, but it has been banned in severalcountries due to the connection made with the cancer. Skin allergies can becaused by a disinfectant found in the flu shots, which is called phenol.Allergic reaction can also be caused by streptomycin or other antibioticsincluded in the flu shot. The perfect flu shot has not been found yet, butscientists are looking for it. We hope they will find the one that will notcause complications, but that will prove to be a remedy.

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