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Low blood pressure

This is a problem also called hypotension. It causes the dizziness and fainting. This can be a problem if you are pregnant. It can be as dangerous as high blood pressure. The most common cause of this problem is dehydration. We lose the fluids and they have to be replaced, because, if this is not done, dehydration can follow. Pregnant women will also have to be careful when standing for longer periods of time, since this can also cause the dizziness and faint. This problem compromises the flow of the blood and leads to low blood pressure. Several more causes are possible if you are pregnant. The blood will gather in the legs and deprive the brain of certain amount of the blood. This is connected with pregnancy and produces faint when a woman stands up from a sitting or lying position. Another problem can arise from this situation and it is vision problem and blurring. The problem with low blood pressure can be serious and dangerous, which also goes for the treatment. Since there is always the cause for the low blood pressure, the source has to be treated. Intravenous fluid is given for the problem caused because of dehydration. Treatment with compression stocking is connected with gathering of the blood in the legs.


Some actions can be taken in order to reduce the chances of developing low blood pressure. Try to drink a lot of fluids, sit if feeling faint, keep exercising, lay on the side and not the back and always slowly stand up. Exercising is very important, not only for the general health of the entire body, but also for the normal blood pressure. Before you start to exercise regularly, consult your doctor. He will give you the exercise plan and limits that your body can sustain. Standing up has to be slow, especially in the later stages of the pregnancy. In this period, the faints and dizziness can occur more easily, so, when feeling dizzy or faint, try to touch the chest area with your chin for a short period. This should remove the problem. We have mentioned that lying on the back is not advised. The best position is the side, especially for women who are pregnant. They usually suffer from lower back pain or sciatic nerve pain, and lying in this position will also have beneficial effect on these pain problems. Try to follow these several very simple pieces of advice, and the chances of low blood pressure will significantly diminish.

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